The cheapest coastal town in the UK to buy holiday home has ‘gorgeous’ beach – full list

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The best coastal town to buy a holiday home is Sheerness, in north Kent, according to new research by

Sheerness also scored highly when it came to surroundings, particularly for its beaches.

Tripadvisor @Gabrielejerome who visited Sheerness beach recently explained: “Gorgeous scenery.

“Lovely beach, clear waters, pebble beach and when the tide is out you can walk out to the sea. It’s just lovely for families to have a picnic, walk along the beach and enjoy the sea.”

The beach resort of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight, came second.

Known for its beach, old village and wooded ravine, Shanklin also has one of the highest beach review scores.

Coming third is the coastal town of Minster.

Minster, which is also located in north Kent, has great weather with an average temperature of 11.2 degrees and a highly rated beach: Minster Leas.

The tranquil spot has won Blie Flag awards in the past and is popular with dog walkers and families.

Cheapest coastal towns in the UK to buy a holiday home:

Sheerness – average house price £276,441

Shanklin – average house price £299,639

Minster – average house price £300,063

Dover – average house price £274,982

Holyhead – average house price £196,489

Sandown – average house price £258,560

Swanage – average house price £420,327

Whitley Bay – average house price £264,573

Saltburn-by-the-Sea – average house price £161,279

South Shields – average house price £148,690

The research by also revealed the best rural town in the UK.

According to their data, Maldon, in Essex, is the nicest rural town to spend the summer.

Maldon has the driest climate with just 658mm of annual rainfall.

The town also boasts excellent air quality with only 4.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions per capita each year.

The best rural towns in the UK:

1. Maldon, Essex

2. Sleaford, North Kesteven

3. Cambourne, South Cambridgeshire

4. Ely, East Cambridgeshire

5. Dunstable, Central Bedfordshire

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