The Most Popular Dog Breed in Every Country

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When you think about the culture of your country, traditional food, special holidays, unique architecture, or spooky superstitions might come to mind. Countries often have a national symbol, or an official bird or flower, but a favorite dog breed? That designation doesn't typically make it to cultural conversations.

But now it can, thanks to the new dog-themed maps created by This U.K.-based company, which typically helps renters and homeowners find the best tradesmen for repair jobs, recently conducted some research to determine the favorite dog breeds in countries around the world.

The result? A colorful world map highlighting the 27 most beloved breeds. What the data actually means is up for interpretation. Perhaps countries with an affinity for big, energetic dogs have lots of wide, open space, while those with smaller pups tend to live in more congested cities. Maybe the countries that prefer dogs in need of extra pampering and grooming have a keen fashion sense. No matter what way you slice it, though, the findings are certainly interesting.

map of most popular dog breeds in every country

The rottweiler is the number one dog in 34 countries — the highest number of appearances for any breed. The Australian shepherd, however, is still the most-searched breed in the world (according to Google data), with 913,000 monthly hits across the four countries where it is number one. Interestingly enough, Australia isn't one of those four countries. Aussies actually prefer border collies.

Golden retrievers also received high marks in the study. This breed, known for its intelligence, friendliness, and of course, flowing hair, was the second most-searched breed and the most popular in 22 countries — surpassed only by the rottweiler (34) and German shepherd (29).

To check out the full list and find out which breed is most popular in your country, head to the website. There, you'll also find details on how the company used Google search figures to determine the list and create this picture-perfect map.

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