Three ‘simple’ luggage packing tips from flight attendant – easy ways to ‘stay organised’

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Packing for a trip can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re in charge of packing for the whole family. From luggage weight and size restrictions to ensuring everyone has all of the items they will need, staying organised can be a difficult feat.

According to US flight attendant Kat Kamalani, however, there are some rather “simple” ways of keeping your belongings in order when jetting off overseas.

Ms Kamalani shared her baggage insight on TikTok, where she has currently amassed more than 745,000 followers.

Here are her three “top packing tips”.

Place your heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase.

Luggage weight restrictions are something travellers should be aware of before jetting off.

While this hack won’t necessarily help reduce the weight of your suitcase, it will redistribute it to made transporting bags that little bit easier.

Ms Kamalani explained: “First things first, you’re going to want to make sure your heaviest items are at the bottom.

“This is going to make sure your luggage doesn’t tip over while you are travelling.”

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Once you have packed your suitcase, it is a good idea to weigh it before heading to the airport.

Often, luggage that exceeds an airline’s set out baggage allowance will mean an additional charge for passengers.

Should hand luggage be overweight, it can end up needing to be checked in which can end up costing more than £50 at the airport.

British Airways, for example, charges £65 for excess luggage at the airport, while Ryanair has a fee of up to £59.00 and an additional £11 for every extra kilo.

Use packing cubes.

Packing cubes are a straightforward way of separating items within your luggage without taking up too much extra space.

As Ms Kamalani points out, they are particularly useful for those flying as a family.

She explained: “You’re going to want to use packing cubes to help identify whose [stuff] is whose and keep things organised.”

Ms Kamalani also recommended labelling packing cubes so as not to get items mixed up or lost along the way.

This is something the flight attendant says she does every flight and is one of her most “simple” recommendations.

She said: “As a flight attendant you’re always travelling and the biggest tip I can give you is staying organised. How I do that is I make labels for everything and especially my family. My kids get orange, I get pink.”

Wrap jewellery in plastic wrap.

Accessories can be an important part of putting together a vacation outfit, however, it is also one item that can be lost easily while travelling or become knotted together.

Ms Kamalani recommends digging into your kitchen drawers to solve this problem.

She explained: “Put your jewellery in [plastic] wrap to stop it getting tangled.”

Cling film or clear self-adhesive plastic commonly found in craft stores can be used.

Use a piece of film or plastic from the roll, and lay necklaces, watches or bracelets flat onto half of the surface.

Then, simply fold the piece of plastic in half so that it sandwiches the jewellery items between two sheets.

This should keep everything held tightly in place.

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