Two-way travel between Australia and NZ ‘very close’

Two-way travel between Australia and New Zealand is “very close”, foreign affairs officials say.

Twenty flights carrying a combined 1895 passengers from New Zealand have entered Australia without having to quarantine.

A further 10 “green flights” – where passengers don’t have to quarantine – are expected to arrive in Australian by November 10.

Department of Foreign Affairs official Jenny Da Rin told a Senate estimates hearing on Thursday that one-way travel from New Zealand had enabled procedures to be tested.

“We’ve been working on arrangements for two-way travel since June,” Ms Da Rin said.

“Those arrangements are not yet finalised.

“We are getting very close.”

The first passengers arrive at Sydney International Airport from New Zealand on October 16. Picture: Adam Yip/ Second StorySource:News Corp Australia

NSW is the only state or territory to so far receive international flights from Auckland.

The Northern Territory has also agreed to exempt people from New Zealand to enter without quarantining.

The ACT and South Australia have also expressed an interest to receive flights from Auckland.

“A number of states and territories have expressed interest in opening with NZ, but first the arrangements need to be settled between the two countries to enable that to occur,” Ms Da Rin said.

“They’ll need to put the planning in place to enable that to happen, and the airlines will have to decide to schedule flights.”

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