WATCH: Pilot threaten to kick passenger off plane for ‘vulgar’ clothing

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Airlines around the world have a number of policies and guidelines which they set out in order for passengers to fly with them. One of these policies is often to do with clothing deemed “inappropriate”, a lesson one traveller recently found out the hard way.

A female flier was travelling with US airline Delta when the pilot of the plane made an appearance to warn her about her rule-breaking fashion choices.

In video footage filmed by the female traveller and posted to Instagram account @Stacy_fu_ the pilot can be seen threatening to kick her off the flight if she did not remove it.

In the video, the pilot can be seen standing at the end of the economy row of seats where the passenger is seated.

He is recorded saying: “So, you can put me on your camera if you like, make sure you put that hat on your camera because the hat is not going to be allowed on this flight. Delta has families on board.

“That word on your hat in inappropriate.

“Here are your two options: You can take the hat off, like the flight attendants told you to do, which I had told them to tell you to do.

“Or you will be off the flight. Tell me now which one it is.”

The hat, which can be seen placed in the passenger’s lap in the footage, bares a swear word.

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In a bid to defend herself, the passenger says: “Relax sir. You just got here, can I not respond? Please tell me where that is posted.”

He retorts: “I am the captain of the aeroplane, that’s where it is posted. And Delta has guidelines.

“And I don’t have to explain it to you. You can take it off, or you can leave the aeroplane because it is inappropriate and I am not going to take vulgar language on the plane, verbal or written. Do you understand? Do you understand the two options?”

The argument escalated, however, when the pilot is not convinced by the woman’s removal of the hat.

He states that he wants her “word”.

Despite this, the female passenger says: “It is in my lap. The hat is in my lap. You asked me to take it off, the hat is in my lap.”

Yet, the captain is not content with this, and states: “You know what you didn’t give me your word. I’ll just go up and get the red coats and TSA to come down. Because we are not going to do it.”

Still, the female passenger insists: “The hat is in my lap.”

She adds: “You don’t have to explain the policy to me, I took the hat off. and you’re trying to force me to say something.”

A second passenger in the background can be heard saying: “He wouldn’t talk to a grown-up man like that.”

The end of the video shows the woman handing the hat to a flight attendant, so as to avoid further aggravating the situation.

A spokesperson for Delta Airlines told “There’s nothing more important than creating a safe environment onboard Delta planes and in our facilities.

“That’s why we prohibit displaying profane or derogatory words or images, and our expectation is for customers and our people to treat each other with dignity and respect, always.

“Our captain’s interaction with this customer reflects multiple layers of escalation to resolve the concerns with offensive language on a hat worn by the customer.

“Delta does not condone discrimination in any form.”

The pilot is also seen not wearing a face mask in the footage, which has received backlash from some viewers.

One person who commented on the video described it as “ironic” that the pilot was “saying you can’t wear garments with ‘profane language’ on a plane while not adhering to real masking polices during a pandemic.”

In response, Delta told “Our Captain immediately realised that not donning his mask was an oversight and has expressed his personal regret to Delta leaders. He also took it upon himself to seek out a COVID-19 test later that day. The test result is negative.”

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