Winners of International Landscape Photographer of the Year revealed

Slide 1 of 28: Definitely a tonic for troubled times. These are the winning and shortlisted images in the 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, with stunning shots documenting everything from magical mountains in Norway to dramatic storm clouds over Kansas and the lush green forest of Wistman's Wood in Dartmoor National Park. Click through to see a selection of the winners and shortlisted entries...
Slide 2 of 28: Kelvin Yuen from Hong Kong was named the overall winner of the seventh International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. This is one of the images - 'Magical Night' - that helped him clinch the title. It was snapped in Tromso, Norway.
Slide 3 of 28: This is the overall photograph of the year. It's called Life Streams and was taken by Kai Hornung in the highlands of Iceland. There were almost 3,800 entries from photographers around the globe, leaving the judges chosen to whittle them down with a headache-inducing task.
Slide 4 of 28: This dramatic image called Chaos over Kansas was taken by Frederic Couzinier in the city of Winona in Kansas. It was named as one of the judges' top 101 pictures.

Slide 5 of 28: A serene shot of Northeast Greenland National Park by photographer Craig McGowan. It was among the 101 top images as picked by the judges. Craig called the shot Fjord Head.
Slide 6 of 28: This beautiful image of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California was snapped by Simon Xu and made the top 101 photos.
Slide 7 of 28: Another image by Simon Xu that made the top 101 image ranking. This one was snapped in Altay in Xinjing, China, and is called Canyon Grandeur.
Slide 8 of 28: Italian photographer Isabella Tabacchi took third place in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest. This beguiling image of hers shows the Vilyuchik stratovolcano, located on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, garlanded by clouds and with yellow rhododendron in the foreground.
Slide 9 of 28: This stunning image, by Nick Green, features in the judges' top 101 image list. It shows the view across Wistman's Wood in Dartmoor National Park.

Slide 10 of 28: Photographer Klaus Axelsen is behind this beautiful image of the Lyngen Alps in Troms, Northern Norway. He called the photo Blue Hour Scenery.
Slide 11 of 28: Amarate Tansawet made the top 101 thanks to this shot of Japan's Mount Fuji taken from Lake Kawaguchi.
Slide 12 of 28: This incredible top 101 image, called Light of Snow, was snapped by photographer Tony Wang on Norway's Senja Island.
Slide 13 of 28: This shot is called Interstellar by American photographer Joshua Snow, who was named International Landscape Photographer of the Year runner-up. His stunning image was taken in the arid desert of the New Mexico Badlands.
Slide 14 of 28: American photographer Chance Allred captured this beautiful scene in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

Slide 15 of 28: Another shot by runner-up Joshua Snow. Called Beyond, it shows the stunning landscape in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.
Slide 16 of 28: American David Swindler is the photographer behind this awesome top 101 image - Lightning Rainbow - which was snapped in southern Arizona.
Slide 17 of 28: An incredible shot of Hintersee, a lake in Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany. The amazing scene was captured by photographer Alexander Lauterbach and is in the top 101 image list.
Slide 18 of 28: Torres del Paine National Park in Chile at its bewitching best, framed with consummate skill by photographer Yuekai Du from China in a top 101 image he called Jurassic.
Slide 19 of 28: Another stunning shot of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile by Yuekai Du. This one, also in the top 101 list, is called Banquet.
Slide 20 of 28: Another Yuekai Du masterpiece, this time of Monte Fitz Roy in Argentinian Patagonia under a blanket of stars. He called the image Oreo.
Slide 21 of 28: This haunting, misty shot of Hirzel in Switzerland was snapped by photographer Nick Schmid. The judges deemed it definite top 101 material.
Slide 22 of 28: This jaw-dropping image of the moon shining over the Ijen volcano complex on Java island in Indonesia was taken by photographer Miller Yao. It made the judges' top 101 images list.
Slide 23 of 28: Photographer Zhu Xiao made it into the judges' top 101 images list with this incredible nighttime snap of the red dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia.
Slide 24 of 28: An atmospheric shot of Motukiekie Beach on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island by Russian photographer Sergey Aleshchenko. It made the judges' top 101 images list.
Slide 25 of 28: Iceberg Alley is the name of this stunning image by Christopher Anderson, which made it into the top 101. He snapped the photo in Scoresby Sund in eastern Greenland.
Slide 26 of 28: This magnificent image, called Hide & Seek, was snapped by Felix Roser and is in the judges' top 101 images. It shows Little Tipsoo Lake in the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State.
Slide 27 of 28: This stunning top 101 image, by Gergo Rugli, is called Nereus. He snapped it in the Australian coastal town of Kiama in New South Wales.
Slide 28 of 28: Photographer Jim Hildreth snapped this fascinating black-and-white image of the foothills of Mount Diablo in California. The photo, called Morning Majesty, features in the judges' top 101 images list.
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