Woman reveals ‘clever’ item she uses on long haul flights – people are stunned

A woman has found a perfect solution to share in-flight entertainment with your travel buddy.

As wireless gadgets have become part of our travel necessities, people are looking for ways to enjoy movies on flight without having to worry getting bungled by the filmsy headphone wire.

Travel vlogger Laura was also looking for a way to enhance her in-flight experience and after a long search, she shared to her TikTok followers of her travel hack.

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She took a small USB-like drive out of her pocket and explained: "This little gadget is a lifesaver when it comes to long haul flights and you are definitely going to want to add it to your travel must-haves.

"It's a bluetooth pairing aux cord which allows you to pair directly to your Airpods so you can listen and watch movies on demand.

"I got mine on Amazon and I highly recommend you do the same."

She also said the device can pair more than one wireless earphone set at the same time, meaning couples or young children can watch the movie or listen to music at the same time.

Some viewers were amazed by the versatility of the product as one commented: "Best part is it can go back the other way too, so if your car doesn't have a Bluetooth, you can plug it into the aux port."

"Oh that's a nice gift idea!" a second wrote and a third shared: "That's great so my two kids can watch movie together."

But some pointed out that most long-haul flight has built-in Bluetooth on the screens.

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"Planes now have Bluetooth options so you don't even have to spend on this gadget, just pair it with your wireless earphones," one pointed out.

Another added: "Or you can just download movies on your iPad or phone so you can just use your Airpods normally."


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