Woman shares penny hack so you don’t have to bin freezer food after holiday

Going on holiday is supposed to be stress free.

But for some, leaving your worries behind in the confines of your home can be difficult.

Especially when you do not have anyone to house sit while you are basking in the sun hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

One common concern that may race through people’s minds may be whether or not the electric dithers – which could spoil the food in your freezer without you knowing.

And with the cost of living rising, wasting a bunch of frozen goods is not what you want after coming back from holiday.

Even worse – getting a dodgy tum from eating meat that has defrosted and refrozen again without you knowing.

Fear not though, Steph Mackin has taken to TikTok to share her nifty hack that makes sure you know whether your frozen food is good to eat.

And all you need is some ice, an egg cup and a penny.

In the clip that has racked up 2.5million views, Steph opened her freezer door to show that she had frozen some ice in an egg cup.

She then placed a penny on top of the ice and placed it back in the freezer so the cup is standing upright and closed the door.

“Going on holiday… did anyone else get taught to do this?” Steph asked.

Despite leaving some people confused about the pre-holiday ritual, she explained: “If the electricity goes you’ll know to throw away the food in the freezer cause the penny won’t be on top of the ice anymore.”

So if the electric fails, the penny will actually be lower down or frozen within the ice as the freezer would have defrosted.

This would make sure the food inside is safe to eat!

Stunned at Steph's hack, many people fled to the comments to thank her for sharing.

One person commented: “That’s amazing. I’m going to do that every time I go away now!”

Another user added: “Oh that’s actually a brill idea.”

Whilst a third wrote: “My parents were doing this 20 years ago. How do people not know about it.”

Someone else voiced: “I’m way too relaxed about this kind of thing.”

Meanwhile, a fifth feared: “The amount of times I probably have used refrozen food scares me now.”

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