World’s first launched water coaster voted ‘one of the best’ set to open in 2020

Riders will be able to race each other to the finish line on the water coaster called the Cheetah Chase.

The new 842ft (259m) ride will open at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari theme park in the US in 2020.

Passengers on the ride will leave the station down a short hill before being launched by water propulsion along a flat track.

And the power of the water will push thrill seekers up a steep hill before zooming downhill at a speed up of up to 20mph.

The water coaster, which has been voted as one of the best in the world, will be a dual track ride so you can race your pals.

Halfway through the ride, passengers will cross past each other before joining again to reach the finish line.

Ray Smegal, CCO of ProSlide who created the technology, told CNN: “So, they're going to shoot across the surface and get up to about 30 feet per second, and then climb a tall, steep hill with the water.

"The intensity of the race and that competition is going to really start from the beginning."

The ride is also accessible for passengers who would normally struggle with stairs.

This theme park is located in a village called Santa Claus in Indiana, where tourists visit to celebrate Christmas every day.

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari theme park has been named the best water park in the world for five years running by TripAdvisor.

And the water park is home to the longest water slide in the world, coming in at 1,763ft.

The Mammoth was officially named the longest by Guinness World Records, with the second longest in the world called Wildebeest in the same park.

Meanwhile, Universal is opening a new Florida theme park and it’s said to be the most “epic” yet.

It’s currently being constructed on a vast 750-acres of land – double the company’s total available acreage in Central Florida.

Epic Universe will become the fourth theme park at Universal Orland Resort.

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