‘World’s scariest haunted house’ terrifies guests in old meat-packing factory

Haunted houses have become a common feature of Halloween in both the UK and the US – as well as some other countries abroad.

They range from a few mild jumps to one in California that keeps trousers on hand in case of adult accidents.

And, it seem in 2022 there’s a haunted house that’s guaranteed to scare the socks off of anyone who enters.

It’s based in an undeniably freaky “abandoned meat packing plant”.

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The Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas is a record breaking, globally recognised spooky property where staff take the job of terrifying punters extremely seriously, reports the Mirror.

On location alone, it's harder to get much scarier than the misery encrusted walls of a meat processing plant.

The abandoned factory itself is located in the middle of the aptly-named Hell's Half Acre, where boarding houses and gambling houses use to attract infamous characters such as the likes of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Today visitors to the ghoul-laden complex are more likely to bump into one of an army of actors drafted in elicit terror.

Cutting Edge holds a Guinness World Record due to its length, with visitors required to walk themselves through more than a kilometre of abandoned factory.

Much of the meat packing equipment from the Old West era is still in use, but not for the grinding up of cattle.

Instead visitors watch on in horror as the rusty machinery hoists uncannily human looking models up to the rafters and then through the meat packing process.

At the end of the horrific experience visitors are confronted with the sight of butchered corpses neatly packaged up and delivered via the conveyor system.

For terror-seekers determined to be as scared as possible, then a trip to Cutting Edge may be in order.

The venue is a national haunted house champion in a country that takes its spooky properties incredible seriously.

"We just got chased by two crazed people with chainsaws," one terrified punter recently wrote in a review.

"The scariest part was the foam! If you walk fast, don’t panic and focus on your breathing you’ll be fine.

"My two ten-year-olds made it out the foam terrified but fine. I wouldn’t let anyone under 13 do this.

"The whole thing was fun. We’ll be back next year ready for the foam room with full face goggles!"

Another wrote: "I’m not a person to get scared easily but they got four good screams out of me.

"My little sister on the other hand was terrified and I loved to see that."

If you're in Texas and fancy a spooking, then tickets can be bought here.


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