You can travel the world by living on a cruise ship full time in apartments

We’re all used to seeing beautiful cruise ships online and imagining ourselves sunning it up on deck – especially the most modern boats like Virgin Voyage’s Scarlet Lady.

But, most of the time a week or two is the longest we’ll spend on board a cruise ship. Well, until now that is.

Storyline’s MV Narrative is a cruise ship with a difference as this giant floating apartment block is going to be a “residential community at sea” rather than a holiday ship.

The boat has one to four bedroom flats and studios that people can live on full time once launched in 2024.

And, there’s even two-storey penthouse apartments for sale at a huge £5.8million.

Amenities that residents can use include a 10,000 book library, three pools, a spa, cinema and 20 different restaurants and bars!

The more “affordable” cruise ship is selling flats from just £268,000 which is much lower than other residential boats.

Cruise ships The Utopia and The World have already attracted buyers, but many hopeful shoppers were put off due to the high cost of an apartment which cost from £3.2million on the Utopia and £1.4million for The World.

This means that the MV Narrative is practically a bargain in comparison.

There will be a total of 547 residences inside the 741ft long ship, which is being built in Croatia.

And, the Florida-based company said that it’s focusing on “providing more affordable entry-level options into the condo ship market.”

The cheapest flat is 237 square feet and is called the “Discover”.

But, for those with more cash to splash you can pick up a 1,970 square foot penthouse for £5.8million.

You can also get a 12 year or 24 year lease and owners can rent out their apartments through Storylines’ “Guest at Sea” programme for extra cash.

And, while living on the ship you’ll be treated to all inclusive service meaning as much food and drink as you like.

Although, residents will need to pay a “living fee” to cover expenses that will cost between £47,800 and £147,000 per unit per year.

Each flat will be fully furnished with stunning “Italian-designed” products and residents can choose from different apartment layouts.

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Every apartment will have a full kitchen, flat screen TVs, “climate control” systems, adjustable lighting, speakers and Queen sized beds.

When at sea, those living on the MV Narrative can dine at the many restaurants on board including an oyster bar, Chinese restaurant and ice creamery.

Plus, there’s a 24/7 home delivery service. Yum!

There’s also a microbrewery on the ship, salon, juice bar, yoga studio and whirlpool.

And, a golf simulator, art space and dance floor.

A statement from Storylines said: “Residents are encouraged to start special interest clubs; perhaps you are a chess, photography, wine, astronomy or bridge aficionado?

“Start a club or join in on the fun.”

Lectures and workshops will also run both on and off the ship including topics like architecture, finance, local geography, philanthropy and art history.

And, while you’re diving into every part of the MV Narrative you’ll be sailing around the world where the ship will dock for between one and five days in each port.

Destinations include Venice, the Maltese capital of Valletta, and Athens.

On “residents choice” days those who live on board get to choose where the boat will dock and guests are welcome on board when the ship is stationary.

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