How SpaceX's First Private Passenger Is Going to Choose Who to Take With Him on a Trip to the Moon

SpaceX has revealed the private passenger who will be going on a tourist trip to the moon.

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, announced on Tuesday that Japanese online fashion tycoon, Yusaku Maezawa, will be the Big Falcon Rocket’s first private passenger, according to the BBC.

But Maezawa won’t be up there by himself. The billionaire plans to bring six to eight artists with him on the mission, People reported.

“I choose to go to the moon with artists. I choose to invite artists from all around the world on my journey … I love art and I look forward to seeing what different artists working together [can] bring to life,” Maezawa said during the announcement. He added that going to the moon was his “lifelong dream.”

Each artist invited by Maezawa will be asked to create a work after they return based on their experience. According to People, he is reaching out to artists from many different mediums, from painters and sculptors to film directors, musicians and architects.

The mission will not actually land on the moon, the BBC reported. It will travel along a “free return trajectory” which will set the rocket on a course back to Earth after it has circled around the moon.

The issue that still stands, however, is the rocket itself. At the moment, the Big Falcon Rocket is not built, so getting it into flight condition within just a few short years will be a challenge. Even Elon Musk had to be honest about the project, saying, “It’s not 100% certain we can bring this to flight.”

The trip, which Maezawa calls #DearMoon, is planned for 2023.

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