How Travel Agents Can Ease Stressful Travel Experiences

We all know everyone experiences stress when they travel. Indeed, 76 percent of Americans cancel a trip rather than enjoy a vacation. A recent study from OnePoll in connection with found that, of 2,000 Americans surveyed, one in four expected something to go wrong on every trip they take.

Worries include flight delays, forgetting things, annoying passengers and long security lines. That’s where you, the travel agent steps in.

While no one can erase all of the hurdles people face on vacation, a good travel agent can help to smooth over the rough spots and avoid many of the most stressful situations.

When it comes to fighting flight delays, a good travel agent will be abreast of the situation on the ground for their clients and can advise people if flights are being canceled. Rather than having to get on the phone and try to get ahold of a human at customer service, travel agents will rearrange travel for their clients.

Travel agents can also help customers combat long lines at security. Many travel agents will help clients monitor long security lines. You are the experts, you know to book airport transfers earlier during peak periods so that travelers don’t miss their flights.

Travel agents can also help their clients find the best TSA program and recommend enrollment in Global Entry, TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR.

The best thing about a travel agent is that you have your client’s back. Travel agents exist to assist their clients in making travel as smooth as possible. When travelers forget an important item, they can contact you so you can try to help find a replacement for an item or alert a representative on the ground in their destination who can assist with in finding or obtaining what they need.

It’s impossible to do away with all of the annoying passengers at the airport and on the airplane, but a good travel agent will know the best seats on an airplane that offer the most comfort and privacy for clients.

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