Stay in The Addams Family Mansion This Halloween

With the animated adaptation of the classic 1964 TV series now showing in theatres, there’ll surely be fans of the macabre who would love to dive into the mysterious, spooky and altogether “ooky” world of “The Addams Family” themselves. has created just such an opportunity this Halloween season for guests to rent a real-life replica of the Addams family’s iconic residence.

While the chosen building’s exterior may not quite match the Addams mansion’s foreboding form, Angela Cavis, a spokesperson, told USA TODAY, “Clinton Hill is known for its historical townhouses with an abundance of character. It perfectly fits the Addams Family theme.”

The 3,700-square-foot, three-bedroom interior of the 19th-century era townhouse in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood has been expertly transformed into the TV home’s iconic interior, which can accommodate up to four guests.

Guests may note that, in true Addams Family fashion, vases are filled with dead rose stems, Lurch’s characteristic “You rang?” serves as the doorbell and homages to each family member are scattered throughout the rooms.

Guests can tinker with bizarre “toys” (mainly machinery) in Pugsley’s room, play with Wednesday’s decapitated doll and even tend to some of Morticia’s beloved carnivorous plants.

Thing himself is said to be staying in the hotel during this limited-time event, so guests should try not to be spooked if he pops up now and again!

The Addams Family hotel is now open for booking at a rate of $101.10 per night (a tie-in to the film’s October 11 release date).

Four exclusive overnights, happening October 29 through November 1, 2019, will become available for booking on October 28 at 12:00 p.m. EST. The ghoulish getaways come complete with spooky snacks, a private screening of the new feature film and more.

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