Weird twist after couple checks into Bali hotel

An Australian couple were shocked to discover their Bali hotel was abandoned by its owners just hours after they checked in for their holiday.

Erica Shaw and her husband Garry thought they’d found a bargain with their $35-a-night accommodation that they checked into on the island of Nusa Lembongan on Wednesday.

After being shown a room by the owner, the couple headed to the beach for the day.

Erica and Garry were on holiday in Bali when they made a weird discovery in their hotel room. Picture: Erica ShawSource:Facebook

They made a surprising discovery when they returned to their room about six hours later – the hotel had been abandoned by the owner and guests. They found out it had been “closed for renovations”, even though they were still staying there.

It seemed the couple’s room hadn’t been cleaned since the previous guests left. Picture: Erica ShawSource:Facebook

“We don’t know where the owner is, the office/restaurant is closed as I would like to pay and we have just been informed the place is closed for renovations,” Ms Shaw said on Facebook.

She posted a video of the hotel room, which she said had clearly not been cleaned after the previous guests.

“(It) kind of looks like someone has already slept in (the room) and (I’m) not even sure if they’ve left because there’s a packet from their soap and their towels are still hanging up there,” she said in the video.

Empty packets were still lying around. Picture: Erica ShawSource:Facebook

The couple managed to get in touch with the owner, who was in Denpasar and let them stay the night.

But the unexpected closure of the hotel meant the couple had to find somewhere else to stay for the rest of their trip.

“This could only happen to us,” Ms Shaw said.

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