This 4-week Program Lets You Live and Work in Tuscany While Learning About and Drinking Wine

Think you're too old for study abroad? Sojrn wants you to think again.

The Los Angeles-based brand Sojrn is on a mission to bring new meaning to "mindful travel" through its month-long immersion programs, which allow adults to work from various destinations around the world while also learning in-depth lessons about local cultures.

As the company explains, to them, slow and immersive travel means "respectfully and openly engaging with the culture, participating only when invited. Exploring mindfully and leaving no trace. Taking time to appreciate the details and intimate moments that make life interesting." And, "It also means avoiding over-tourism, keeping gems hidden, and pouring travel dollars into the communities we visit."

"After a difficult year, we can't wait to get back to helping people explore the world both through our shorter FTLO trips and our new Sojrn offering," Tara Cappel, CEO and founder of Sojrn's parent company, FTLO Travel, shared in a statement. "Slow travel and a community-centric approach has always been at the heart of our company. We've taken that same ethos and created a new way for people to explore in a post-Covid world where remote work is widely accepted and people have the ability to spend more time in one place."

It's a life-changing experience that's attracting a lot of people, especially now that many can indeed work from anywhere. Just take the company's month-long wine-themed trip to Italy as a popular example.

According to Sojrn, the trip already has a more than 350 person waitlist to join the four-week program that brings working travelers to Tuscany, where they will live and work remotely while learning about wine.

The trip, which takes place over the entire month of October, includes weekly activities, a personal taste profile session with a professional sommelier, a day-long adventure on a vineyard to learn more about winemaking, a wine pairing picnic in the Tuscan hills, a workshop on reading a wine label and ordering off a wine menu, along with a weekly happy hour wine-tasting at a local wine bar and other local "ins." The trip also includes access to a local host that helps travelers get settled in and is always available to help with any issues they may have along the way.

"Our local partners are equally as excited about Sojrn because these travelers aren't just passing through — they're joining the community for a month," Cappel says. "By the end of each [trip], people will know their local cafe owner by name, be able to walk around the neighborhood without staring at Google maps, have favorite spots where they'll be regulars, and will ultimately be someone locals will remember rather than just another passing tourist."

The price for this trip begins at $3,899, which is essentially the average monthly price of rent in New York City, so really, it's the cost of living plus excellent wine. The only catch is this trip will max out at 40 participants, but fear not. If you don't make it on this trip, Sojrn has other immersion options for you, too, including Spanish Language in Medellin, Technology in Tokyo, Winemaking in Tuscany, and Surf and Sustainability in Costa Rica. Ready to get on the list? See all the available trips and sign up here.

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