This Matching Porsche and Private Jet are the Perfect Pair — for $10 Million

Porsche car and matching private jet

Finally, you no longer have to be embarrassed by the fact that your luxury sportscar doesn’t match your private plane. 

In November, Porsche and Embraer announced “Duet,” a partnership between the two iconic luxury brands that will bring people the chance to buy one of 10 matching sets that include one 911 Turbo S and one Phenom 300E plane.

“Porsche and Embraer share a host of common values,” Alexander Fabig, head of personalization and classic at Porsche, shared in a statement. “As part of our cooperation, we are using the know-how of both brands to jointly develop a one-of-a-kind duo of a sports car and jet that appeals to both customer groups.” 

Porsche and matching luggage set
Luxury watch by Porsche

The special edition, the two companies added, is aimed at customers “who place great importance on performance, innovation, technology, and custom personalization.”

According to Porsche, the car and jet will have the same two-tone paintwork in Platinum Silver Metallic (gloss) and matte Jet Grey Metallic (satin-gloss) with trim strips in Brilliant Chrome and Speed Blue. Both the plane and the car will also have a specially designed logo just for the lucky few owners. The logo can be found all over both the plane and the car, and depicts two wings, one representing lift and another for downforce, according to Car and Driver.

Interior of Porsche's private jet

Not enough for you to say “yes” to this purchase just yet? How about the fact that every customer who purchases the duo will also get a Porsche Design luggage set. The set includes a pilot’s case and two weekender bags. 

Still not enough? Porsche is also throwing in a special edition of the new 1919 Globetimer UTC timepiece from Porsche Design. The dial on the watch even features the same Platinum Silver Metallic and Jet Grey Metallic paint colors used for the car and jet. 

The price for this luxury? A cool $10.9 million. Which is a steal considering you can probably ask for drink service whenever you want and never have to make small talk with a rideshare driver home from the airport again. 

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