Cruise guest explains how to avoid spending money

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While food is often included in the cost of a cruise, passengers may find the extra costs start to add up. However, some cruise guests have said they manage to holiday without stretching their budget.

A cruise guest asked on Reddit: “How many have managed to go on a cruise without spending any additional money?”

A passenger said: “It’s super easy. All ships have ample free food, drink, leisure and entertainment options.

“As long as you’re willing to forgo alcohol, soda, speciality restaurants, fancy coffees and spa services, stay out of the casino and don’t forget any toiletries.

“There’s no reason you have to spend a penny extra on a cruise. That’s one of my favourite things about cruising.”

The majority of cruise lines will charge passengers extra to dine at speciality restaurants although there may be offers.

However, the buffet restaurant and main dining room will usually be included in the price of the cruise.

The buffet will usually have different themes and cuisines so passengers will still be able to enjoy a range of food.

Another passenger said: “It’s absolutely possible! Our first cruise we pretty much did this way.”

A cruise guest said they did spend money on the cruise ship but tried to limit it to certain purchases.

They wrote: “I get the drink package. If you don’t have one, you’re likely limited to tap water, fountain soda in the buffet, regular coffee and tea in the buffet.

“Skip shore excursions. Feel free to explore on your own! Works for me in most ports.”

They added that they always brought extra money to tip staff, particularly the cabin stewards who cleaned their rooms.

Tipping may sometimes be included in cruise packages but many passengers like to show extra appreciation for the staff.

They added: “I don’t generally go to the casino, the shops or the cinema. Occasionally, I’ll do a paid event onboard, but don’t feel the need to in order to have a good time.

“I think it definitely depends on the cruise line too, as to what they charge extra for.”

On some cruise ships, a lot of activities will incur a charge so customers will need to check what they’ll need to pay for.

A passenger said: “We don’t buy anything from the shops on the boats, no souvenirs, no speciality dining, no shore excursions and we don’t buy the drinks package, we just bring two bottles of wine with tumblers as to-go cups.”

Another guest added: “My last two cruises I haven’t spent a dollar extra other than tipping the service that I liked a lot.

“I usually get the alcohol package ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about costs onboard.”

An alcohol package could be a good deal for passengers if they’re intending to drink every night of the holiday.

Passengers can also usually bring a small amount of alcohol onboard to drink in their own cabin.

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