Victory Cruise Lines Reports Resounding Success for Inaugural Season

WHY IT RATES: Victory Cruise Lines reports a successful first season under American Queen Steamboat Company’s management. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor


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Victory Cruise Lines is excited to announce the success of its inaugural season under the management of the American Queen Steamboat Company.

Committed to small-ship cruising on the Great Lakes, North American and Canadian coasts, Victory Cruise Lines transported nearly 5,500 guests thus far on the identical 202-passenger M/V Victory I and M/V Victory II.

Operated by American Queen Steamboat Company, Victory Cruise Lines’ inaugural season ran from May 2019 through October 2019 with itineraries on the Great Lakes, as well as New England and Canadian Maritimes.

The 2019 season featured 35 total cruises with 19 on the M/V Victory I and 16 on the M/V Victory II. Of those 35 sailings, 25 featured an occupancy of at least 80 percent, 12 of which were completely sold out.

In addition, the customer ratings for both the M/V Victory I and the M/V Victory II have been incredibly positive. Both vessels entered the fourth quarter of the season with satisfaction ratings trending upwards to 9.10.

Scores for friendly and hospitable staff averaged 9.75 across both vessels, with the M/V Victory II receiving a high score of 9.96. The cuisine and accommodations for both vessels averaged at a solid 9 throughout the season, and shore excursions secured high praise from guests for the richness and variety of experiences and locations featured in each itinerary.

“We are thrilled with the success of our first season managing Victory Cruise Lines” shares John Waggoner, Founder and CEO of American Queen Steamboat Company. “We look forward to continuing to grow and expand our offerings with the same authenticity and passion for service that exists across our fleet of riverboats as we look to the 2020 season.”

New for 2020, Victory Cruise Lines will offer new itineraries to the American Southeast, Yucatan Peninsula, Costa Rica and Panama.

For the 2020 voyages on the Great Lakes, Canadian Maritimes and coastal New England, guests will also have the opportunity to select from new itineraries and a number of premium shore excursion upgrades, including pre- and post-cruise stays.

The 2020 season is scheduled to begin March 29 and extend through December. In addition, Victory Cruise Lines will also unveil new itineraries for the currently under-construction M/V Ocean Victory, which will offer expedition cruising in Alaska for the 2021 season.

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