Topdeck launches Europe 2020 Pre-Release trips ·

Topdeck launches Europe 2020 Pre-Release trips

Youth travel experts, Topdeck Travel, are launching a pre-release selection of their most popular European trips for 2020. The first 1000 customers to book their trips between 10th July and 31st August 2019 will enjoy a 10% savings on 2019 prices.

Whether you’re looking to explore the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, hone your sailing skills through the Greek Islands or hike across Norway’s second largest glacier, Topdeck has plenty of choice for travellers.

Topdeck’s General Manager of Sales, David Gendle says, “There’s a reason Europe will continue to be the top travel destination in the world. The continent’s beauty, history and culture are second to none, making it the ideal destination for young travellers.” He adds, “Topdeck’s Europe 2020 discount offers those itching to see the world the opportunity to do so on a budget.”

Loaded with 29 action-packed adventures, the latest Europe offering caters to all kinds of travellers, including the 10-day Spanish Fiesta, which departs from Madrid and journeys through Spain’s most iconic cities. Topdeckers will wander the ancient streets of Seville and gorge themselves on paella in the home of the famous dish, Valencia, all whilst immersing themselves in the rich culture of the vibrant city. Olé!

For those seeking a truly epic adventure, travellers should look no further than the Mega European. Covering 20 countries in 49 days, this itinerary is the heavyweight champion of Europe trips. Travellers will soak up as much culture, cuisine, history and nightlife as they can handle as they experience the grand old capitals of Barcelona, Florence and Rome, the unparalleled beauty of the Greek Islands and the captivating history of the emerging Balkans, as well as the allure and excitement of all the famous cities in between.

Alternatively, the eight-day Turkish Summer Shorelines is ideal for anyone in need of some serious rest and relaxation. Travellers will enjoy eight blissful days sailing on top of Turkey’s translucent waters; stopping to explore the quaint fishing villages along the way.

“We’re incredibly proud of this first wave of 2020 Europe trips and even more proud that many have been tweaked based on Topdeck customer feedback,” says Gendle. He adds, “For instance, we’ve added an extra two nights to our Britain and Ireland trip to give travellers more time to enjoy the magic of the Scottish Highlands, and switched the itinerary of the Spanish Fiesta trip, giving travellers two consecutive days in Madrid, enabling them to immerse themselves in all the incredible life and culture this famous city has to offer.”

Popular discounted Europe 2020 Pre-Release trips include:

  • 10-day Spanish Fiesta
  • 16-day Britain and Ireland
  • 12-day Essential Europe
  • 14-day European Wonder
  • 13-day Bravo Italia
  • 37-day Red Star Special
  • 27-day Summer Fun and Sailing
  • 8-day Turkish Summer Shorelines
  • 49-day Mega European
  • 10-day Portugal Summer

Topdeck’s entire 2020 Europe product range, which includes over 100 trips, will be released in early September 2019.

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