Cornerstone People Solutions celebrates its 13th birthday ·

Cornerstone People Solutions celebrates its 13th birthday

In the year Cornerstone People Solutions celebrates its 13th birthday, it is also pleased to announce its recent approval as an RTO.

This exciting development paves the way for Cornerstone to provide a new suite of leading-edge, broad-spectrum training solutions to help travel and tourism businesses remain relevant, achieve greater growth and be prepared for more changes that lay ahead as new technology comes online during a period of constant disruption in the industry.

Cornerstone’s Directors and founding partners Rachel Seymour and Cassi Tormey spoke at an invitation-only 13th birthday celebration event filled with what Tormey refers to as the ‘true gatekeepers and protectors’ of the Travel & Tourism trade.

Reflecting on the journey thus far, how much the travel industry has changed during their time in business, and the exciting road ahead, Seymour told the assembled gathering of Cornerstone’s early days.

‘Sitting around the kitchen bench we were excited about our future and brainstorming our product/service offering. We had fairly basic plans at this point – and these were to solve all of your “people” problems through coaching and training.’

As they dove into their new business endeavour with over two decades of successful travel industry experience between them, Tormey remembers approaching every day ‘a little apprehensive…but always excited about the myriad of opportunities that lay ahead.’

This positive yet realistic outlook has seen them grow the business into a fully-fledged RTO as the pair constantly strategised ways to improve Cornerstone’s training offerings in order to differentiate them from the many other training organisations that slowly fell away during a highly competitive period.

What sets Cornerstone apart is its unique approach to education: To create travel and tourism ‘learning experiences’ that equip course participants with the best tools to manage the ongoing change and disruption they will continue to face as Travel and Tourism professionals.

Both Tormey and Seymour remain buoyant and energised about the future as Cornerstone moves forward with its RTO status and they and their team develop new, innovative courses.

The key to their success?

Running their business by the simple mantra of ‘always be open to change’, which means constantly adapting their learning practices to suit both the needs of their clients and an industry that has witnessed such massive disruption over the past decade and will see much more in the decades to come.

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