Inland and Coastal Beauty ·

Inland and Coastal Beauty

Two fantastic destinations that show some of the best Turkey has to offer.

All across Turkey, there is famous landmarks and beautiful scenery. All over this country, you can find fantastic history that has links to all over the world, dating back generations through times of peace and war. Here the blend of history, tradition and modern lifestyle creates a stunning vacation destination.


Towards the centre of Turkey has one of the most unique town styles. The region of Cappadocia is a breathtaking landscape of rocky spires, majestic mountains and small traditional Turkish villages. However, some of these spires one held a secret that had served the original population in times of need. Some of the ‘Fairies Chimneys’ had been carved out and an underground city had been carved into the ground below. While there was living space below the surface many of the original villages that came before were still inhabited but the region was often beset by the war of two large opposing forces Persians and Greeks who both vied for the land. This led to the city being used as a safe haven away from fighting, with enough storage and areas inside to bring food and some animals they were safe.

After the region had settles and peace resumed the carved homes were still used, some were used for workplaces or markets. During the rise of Christianity, the region of Cappadocia saw some newly carved buildings that eventually became churches and another type of worship buildings. Many of these buildings are still visited on pilgrimages today, the underground city is not used for anything other than tourist visits and to study how those who came before lived. In some of the individual carved buildings, businesses have created a unique style of hotel, where each of the rooms are the ancient dwellings with modern comforts that do not impact on the structure.


The coastline has its own stunning beauty with towns all along that offer fantastic choice of holidays on the sea or land, both offer their own special destinations. Alaturka Cruises specialises in sailing the Turkish coastline to see the variety of stunning bays and beautiful islands. These cruises often travel to other Turkish towns and cities on the coast, from these you can travel further on and see some truly special locations.

Fethiye’s harbour runs around the naturally protected bay allowing many boats to moor here, from medium-sized cruise ships to small fishing boat. A common boat to find at this harbour is the traditional gulet, this wooden boat still uses original design but with modern comforts that include luxury hotel style rooms and spacious sunbathing area on deck.

Fethiye is also famous for its old town, an area that has been left to the original design as modern buildings are built and redesigned around. The area is called Paspatur and is made up of stone buildings some with rendering some of the large stones exposed that are built close together making a series of small streets. In the centre is an open area with handmade fountain and tall trees that offer shade for those who wish to enjoy a traditional meal here.

Outside the town, and only a short drive visitors can reach the world famous Oludeniz Lagoon, commonly known as the Blue Lagoon, thanks to its crystal clear sapphire look from both above and at sea level. While swimming in the waters remains of ancient buildings can be seen from the layout of large stones that were common building materials in the past.

Anywhere in Turkey, there is something to be fascinated by but the fantastic weather all summer allows for everyone to also enjoy their time by a pool or at the beach creating one of the perfect holiday destinations.

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