Puppy Love ·

Puppy Love

What’s the best way to de-stress at work? itravel has the answer – office therapy dogs. The itravel head office has two therapy dogs who make regular appearances and their impact is immediate. Rebecca in Retail says, “I so look forward to our doggie days and no matter what the crisis, they bring a sense of calm.”

MD, Steve Labroski considers them as staff. “We even have their bios on our intranet.”

Tink – Travel Yoda

I’m fairly new to this world but love my job at itravel. I work from home most days but when at the office, I’m a total social butterfly, flitting from one desk to another. I’m yet to travel beyond the front door but it’s on my bucket list. I’m known in the office as a bit of a foodie. I just love eating off the floor! I may be small but I pack a punch. Oh and don’t be fooled by my gammy right leg (discreetly hidden in my pic), that’s my power leg which possesses immense physical strength and speed.

Maxie – The Office Bitch & Therapy Dog

I job share with Tink and love the office environment. My job includes making sure the staff are all calm and happy. I check on them every hour to make sure they are okay and also suck up for some treats. I do occasionally scare the crap out of couriers by barking and showing my vicious face. I also tell the pigeons off for nesting on our roof. I’m working to keep this in check along with my bad breath. My most important task is being a therapy dog… although I do need therapy myself.

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