TTC Beach Day clean up awareness ·

TTC Beach Day clean up awareness

According to the United Nations, there is more plastic in the ocean than stars in the galaxy! By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

As part of Adventure World Travel’s exclusive travel partnership with the Taronga Foundation, senior leadership management at The Travel Corporation spent the morning volunteering to clean up its neighbouring beach  – To learn that 90% of all sea birds and 50% of turtles have eaten plastic, it was heartbreaking to find out that in fact two turtles died last week at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital from ingesting tiny pieces of plastic.

In a small amount of time, the volume of plastic collected in what looked like a seemingly clean beach, was frightening – 542 cigarette butts, 505 plastic food wrappers, 82 straws and lollypop sticks, 72 small sharp objects, 9 balloons and balls, plus more! It’s the smaller pieces of plastic that are the most dangerous as marine life mistake it for food which leads to either death, or the gut producing a gas from the toxins which makes them float to the surface with the potential to get hit by a boat.

TTC has pledged to “Take 3 for the Sea” – i.e. pick up three pieces of rubbish when visiting a beach and contribute to #litterfreeoceans. What may seem like a small gesture, truly makes up the bigger picture for our planet – every bit helps.

The partnership sees Adventure World Travel support Taronga Foundation’s crucial conservation initiatives to help achieve its vision of securing a shared future for wildlife and people.

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