Scottish Cyclist Owns Record for Circling the Globe by Bike

Jenny Graham, a 38-year-old cyclist from Scotland, has set a new world record for cycling around the globe.

She completed her journey in just 124 days, 10 hours and less than 50 minutes, according to a report on Matador Network. The previous record was 144 days and was set by Paola Gianotti.

Graham began her journey in Berlin and cycled east for 18,000 miles through Asia. She headed south to Australia and New Zealand and then traveled from Alaska across Canada and the U.S. and returned to Berlin from Portugal.

How do you determine if you have cycled “around the world?” After all, much of the globe is ocean. Guiness defines it this way: “A rider must travel the same distance as the circumference of the Earth — 24,900 miles — in one direction, starting and finishing in the same place. Travel by sea and air is allowed, but at least 18,000 miles of the route must be cycled.”

While Graham has ended her journey, the world record is not yet official until a complete review is conducted.

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