Pop-Up Poop Museum Opens in Japan

Going to the museum is a fun vacation idea for the family, but Japan has opened a new pop-up facility dedicated to unko, the Japanese word for poop.

According to WFLA.com, the Unko Museum was opened in Yokohama, around 25 miles south of Tokyo, but all of the poop is colorful and fun instead of disgusting. The pop-up museum will be open through early August.

Visitors will be able to sit on brightly colored toilets, draw fun pictures of poop, play in a ball pit full of stuffed poops and take selfies in front of colorful poop toys. The museum hopes guests will share their experience on social media.

Japan’s Unko Museum aims to de-stigmatize the image of poop pic.twitter.com/rYpX5Z14FC

Fancy a poop museum tour? #Japan pic.twitter.com/EH8kJg3hXz

Tickets for admission to the Unko Museum cost $16 for adults and $9 for children, and officials announced almost 10,000 people already visited the facility in its first week since opening.

“We believe that setting poo as entertainment, not a museum, is the first in the world,” an Unko Museum spokesperson told CNN. “There is no dirty brown poop in Unko Museum. It’s all colorful, cute and pop design poop.”

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