A rocky debut for Newark Airport's new Terminal A

Newark Airport’s new Terminal A opened to passengers on Thursday, but with some hiccups.

With the opening Thursday came a series of problems, including a power outage and issues with TSA security lines. 
In an interview with CBS channel 2 in New York, traveler Abby Hatch said the TSA check-in was closed twice, intercom announcements were inaudible and her flight changed gates five times. 

“Total, total chaos,” Hatch said. 

CBS 2 in New York reported that problems with check-in and security checkpoints have been resolved. 

In the new $2.7 billion Terminal A, 21 gates are open. Another 12 gates are expected to open later this year. The facility also has modernized check-in, security and baggage-claim areas. 

The terminal had been slated to open on Dec. 8, but its debut was delayed for more than a month because fire alarm and security systems had not passed final tests.

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