AA lowers cost for transporting musical and sports equipment

American Airlines has eliminated oversize bag fees for most
common types of sports and musical equipment. The change took effect May 21.

Under the new policy, sports and musical equipment that
weigh up to 50 pounds and don’t exceed a combined 126 inches in length plus
width plus height can be checked at American’s standard cost of $30 for the
first checked bag. In addition, snow sports enthusiasts can check an equipment
bag with their skis or snowboard for the cost of one bag.

The change means that American flyers can check guitars,
bicycles, surfboards and hockey sticks for $30 rather than for the
oversized-bag cost of $150, as long as the items meet the weight and height

American said that due to special handling requirements, it
will continue charge $150 to transport antlers, hang gliders and scuba tanks,
as well as kiteboard and windsurfing items.

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