Louisville plan to lure more nonstop flights gets a $1.5M boost

More nonstop flights in Louisville are nearing their final approach.

A local group that promises to bring more direct routes to big coastal cities — by backstopping airlines against losses — received up to another $1.5 million in the past week. That puts the group $500,000 short of its $4 million goal.

The group — the Louisville Regional Airlift Development or LRAD program — has already begun negotiating with airlines about a direct Los Angeles route, the Courier Journal reported in August. It is also looking at direct flights to Boston, San Francisco and Seattle.

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Those cities continue to coincide with the top places Louisville travelers go that aren’t currently served by a direct flight, according to the latest airport data.

The new windfall, announced Wednesday, comes from the Louisville Renaissance Zone Corp. and includes a $900,000 contribution and up to a $600,000 loan. The nonprofit is responsible for developing 260 acres near the Louisville International Airport and shares a board of directors with the local airport authority. 

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