Move over, Waikiki and Hanauma Bay. Here are 10 must-see beaches on Oahu

HONOLULU — I did not plan to get up at 4:30 a.m. the morning after a 13-hour travel day from Chicago. It was dark, and the free hotel breakfast buffet didn’t even open for another two hours.

My body clock had other plans, so I headed out for a beach sunrise.

Instead of strolling a few blocks to the famous, touristy Waikiki Beach, I hopped in my rental car and headed east.

Half an hour later I was in a serene cove at Makapuu Beach, where my only company was a local photographer; a surfer; and, very briefly, a monk seal.

The sunrise looked to be a bust because of heavy cloud cover and looming rain showers, but the sun came through at the last minute with a brilliant golden display.

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