United new Dreamliner aircraft on six Europe routes

United has unveiled the first six international routes on
which it will use the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner.

The airline will fly the jet from Newark to Frankfurt, Tel
Aviv, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and Dublin. 

United took delivery of its first 787-10 last week, making
it the first airline in the world to have all three Dreamliner variants. The 787-8
and 787-9 are smaller planes. With the delivery, United also became the first
North American carrier to have the largest Dreamliner variant in its fleet.

United’s 787-10s will have 318 seats divided among business,
premium economy and coach cabins.

The carrier had previously announced that its first 787-10
service would fly between Newark and San Francisco and Newark and Los Angeles,
starting in January.

United’s 787-10 Newark-Frankfurt and Newark-Tel Aviv service
begins March 30. Introduction of the craft onto the four other international
routes will come in April and May. 

United expects to take delivery of 14 787-10s over the next
two years.


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