Beast Fingers climbing gym in Denver’s Globeville avoids eviction

The Beast Fingers climbing gym in Globeville has been saved from eviction, thanks to an 11th-hour reprieve.

The gym, which has served underprivileged youths in one of Denver’s poorest neighborhoods since 2017, received an infusion of cash from Adidas that allowed owner Aman Anderson to pay his back rent. A court date regarding the threatened eviction that had been set for Wednesday was canceled.

Adidas, which had been subsidizing the gym, cut its funding last fall. But with the gym facing imminent eviction and permanent closure, the general manager for Adidas Outdoor-North America, Michael Kadous, stepped in to help Anderson pay his past due rent this week and offered more help going forward so the gym can stay open.

“Adidas wants me to create a plan that they can get behind and then they will support it,” Anderson said. “I guess what Michael’s concern is, he doesn’t want the gym to always be in an emergency. The plan right now is to create a non-profit arm for the gym so that funding can continue.”

Kadous also expressed an openness to letting Anderson secure additional sponsors. Previously, Adidas was the exclusive sponsor.

“The plan is to get other brands involved,” Anderson said.

The gym closed last week, but Anderson said it will reopen after he completes some legal paperwork.

“Hopefully,” Anderson said, “we’ll be ready to go in February.”

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