‘Breeze through without an issue’ How to get through airport security fast

Gatwick airport: Large queues following half-term getaway

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Long lines and bothersome waits have caused delays at some airports in recent months as travel begins to ramp up ahead of the summer holidays. Although many delays are beyond the control of passengers, being prepared for the security process could see you speed through in a matter of minutes.

In a bid to help fellow travellers, one frequent flyer explained the most efficient way to get through the security checkpoint in record time.

Posting under the username AmericanBandit, they said: “Basically what I do: Anything that is on my person goes into the bag, zipped-up.

“[Driving] License and/or passport and mobile phone in the same pocket until I need it.

“If I’m wearing a jacket or coat I will store my everyday carry-type stuff in there instead of my bag.

“I’m usually carrying a laptop but it’s in my sleeve compartment so it’s super easy.

“Bag and coat, jacket or hat in one tub, laptop in its own tub and I don’t put my shoes into a tub unless told to do so.

“I double-check my pockets and head [for] sunglasses, etcetera, and usually breeze through without an issue.” [SIC]

Being prepared by having items ready to be taken out of your bag is a key way to get through the security line.

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According to Gatwick Airport: “Knowing what’s allowed and what’s not allowed before you arrive – as well as allowing yourself plenty of time to follow all the security procedures when you get to Gatwick – will save you time and inconvenience and make your journey more enjoyable.”

Passengers are advised to have their boarding pass ready to be scanned and have all liquid toiletries, including creams, gels, pastes, sprays and aerosols, in one transparent, re-sealable, airtight plastic bag of 20cm x 20cm in size.

This should be ready to be removed from your suitcase and placed in its own tub ready to be x-ray scanned.

Other large electrical items will also need to be removed from your bag and, in some cases, may need to be taken out of their protective case.

Gatwick Airport added: “You may be asked to remove your shoes before going through the security archway.”

Failure to prepare can lead to a fumble once you are at security and is likely to hold up the queue behind you.

The Reddit user named this as their “biggest gripe”.

They said: “My biggest gripe is having to wait for everyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and watching people fumble forever and get nervous when I’m basically ready to go.”

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