British expats: The UK Christmas food favourites expats are ordering overseas

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British Corner Shop delivers British treats around the globe to expats missing their favourite snacks. The website has many of the UK’s top Christmas choices.

Unsurprisingly the best selling seasonal item on the British Corner Shop website is a UK classic Christmas treat.

Mince pies topped the list for Britons with expats ordering Walker’s Luxury Pies and Mr Kipling mince pies.

Mincemeat pies were first served in the early Middle Ages and are a staple in many British households in the lead up to Christmas.

Expats are unlikely to be able to buy the controversial treat overseas as it hasn’t managed to take off outside the UK.

The next most popular treat craved by British expats was a Christmas pudding. Britons had ordered both the Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas Pudding and the alcohol free version.

Setting the figgy pudding alight at the end of the Christmas feast has been a British tradition for many years.

Much like the mince pie, Christmas pudding isn’t popular abroad, so expats would struggle to buy one overseas.

A traditional French Christmas dessert is the Bûche de Noël, a roulade sponge cake in the shape of a log.

Another Christmas bestseller from British Corner Shop is the beloved Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

The sweet treat is extremely popular with British expats who have also chosen to order the dark chocolate version.

Baileys truffles were also one of British Corner Shop’s best selling Christmas items for expats.

Flavoured with the Irish Cream liquor, Baileys truffles could make a great after dinner treat for Christmas.

While Baileys originated in Ireland, it’s now sold in 160 countries worldwide, so there’s a good chance expats could purchase a bottle in their new home.

However, the truffles and other Baileys infused products may be more difficult to find although expats could always have a go at making their own.

British expats could also order stuffing, Advent calendars, Cadbury’s selection boxes and more from British Corner Shop.

British expats who are travelling back to the UK from the EU this Christmas will need to be careful about packing any food items.

Certain items are no longer allowed to be transported between Britain and the EU after Brexit.

British expats can find the full food import regulations on the UK Government website.

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