‘Bye Karen’: Mask refusal leads to airline ban

A woman has been kicked off a plane and banned from a US airline after refusing to wear a mask, despite all other passengers and staff abiding by the airline’s policy.

“You agreed to this when you checked into our flight and you bought your ticket so I need you to come off the aircraft at this time,” a Frontier Airlines attendant informs the woman.

The woman had previously called the worker an “a**hole” for trying to enforce the company’s policy, which was introduced to protect passengers from the coronavirus ravaging the US.

The flight attendant told the woman she needed to wear a mask or she couldn’t fly. She responded “thanks a**hole”.Source:Supplied

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The woman refuses to get out of her seat, despite two other passengers sitting next to her already vacating so she could get up.

A more authoritative security guard wearing a scarier black mask then comes on board to remove the woman, even fetching her bag from the overhead locker.

After the seeming stalemate the woman eventually gets up and walks off the plane.

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The security guard then comes over to tell her the same thing the flight attendant did.Source:Supplied

The security guard fetches the woman’s bag for her.Source:Supplied

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“Bye Karen,” one passenger farewells the woman, though its unclear if that’s her actual name.

Applause then breaks out as she leaves the fuselage.

“Frontier customers are required to wear a face-covering over their nose and mouth throughout their journey,” the airline notes on its website.

The flight attendant also tried to remind the woman of that before she was kicked off the plane.

“You need to have the paper mask they provided,‘ the flight attendant said.

“You have to wear your mask the whole entire flight. If you‘re unable to do so you will be removed from the flight.”

The woman’s refusal to wear a mask meant she couldn’t fly.Source:Supplied

She eventually caves and exits the aircraft to the applause of passengers.Source:Supplied

The two videos were taken by a passenger seated behind the woman, believed to be a friend of Fox & Friends writer Griffin Frank, who shared the videos on Twitter.

“I’m afraid scenes like this are becoming more common,” he wrote under the videos, adding he was “glad my friend can now fly down to Florida safely and peacefully”.

Frontier Airlines told The Daily Mail in a statement that the woman has been placed on its “prevent departure” list, banning her from flying with the airline in the future.

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