Cecil Hotel guests share ‘terrible’ reviews amid creepy Netflix documentary

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Netflix's Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel has gone down a storm with TV viewers, as the creepy documentary explores the grimy establishment where Elisa Lam went missing.

The 700-room hotel, based in Los Angeles, is described a 'simple, dirty and filled with untoward visitors' during the Netflix doc.

And it seems people who've stayed there agree wholeheartedly, judging by the reviews of it being 'terrible'.

Many revealed they didn't know about the hotel's history until after they stayed there. However, that still didn't make them like it anymore.

One visitor, who rated the hotel one star out of a possible five, wrote: "It was dirty, there was no AC, and vagrants were all around the hotel."

Meanwhile another exclaimed: "Wow, I've never paid over $100 for a hotel room and been treated so badly," as they also gave the hotel one-star and branded it "complete trash".

A third disgruntled guest added: "I am only giving this hotel 1 star because you cannot give it 0 stars. This is the dirtiest hotel I have ever been to.

"They claim to have newly refurbished rooms, but the room I was given had a window screen with many holes, the bathtub had not been finished, and the whole room was dirty and very dingy…Do not stay here at any cost."

A fourth worrying review also warned: "Don't stay here alone. Just don't do it. Please listen to me and don't do it. I stayed here a couple years ago, shortly before the Elisa incident, and have been absolutely mad since."

Despite this, there are still some more favourable reviews on offer for the hotel too.

In fact, the establishment averages a rating of 3.1 stars, overall.

One more balanced review reads: "Decent cheap hotel right in the near of downtown L.A."

While another delighted guest brands it a "hidden gem".

A third even went as far as to call the hotel "beautiful", despite some small gripes they had with it.

They wrote: "Beautiful hotel, although a bit run down. But for the location and the price it's worth it."

The hotel is now rebranded as Stay On Main, however it is currently closed.

There are plans for a grand re-opening soon though, following a refurbishment.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is airing on Netflix now.

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