Cruise passengers warned not to make mistakes at the buffet sure to annoy crew

Going on a cruise is a lot of fun and great for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on extras. Usually there are drinks packages included and unlimited food in the buffet restaurant.

That’s perfect for Brits who like to indulge in a full breakfast and then nibble away all through the day before another decadent evening meal. However, there are some downsides to cruise buffets – mainly your fellow guests.

Plenty of passengers get into disagreements at the buffet and even fight over who gets the best, or most expensive, dishes. But, it seems cruise workers are getting sick of the palaver and have issued advice for newbie cruisers.

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James Cole, founder and managing director at Panache Cruises, told the Express that there are a number of etiquette tips everyone should follow on-board. If you don’t then you could aggravate your fellow sailors!

Plus, he claims that you could be "charged a fine or forcibly removed from the ship if they disobey the captain’s and crew members’ instructions" because you agreed to the rules governing conduct.

His top two buffet tip were all about having good manners. The first major crime is skipping the queue.

James said: "Although you may be hungry and eager to head to the buffet, remember that your fellow passengers are likely feeling the same way, and your wants and needs don’t supersede theirs.

"Be patient and wait for your turn and if you really can’t wait to tuck into your food then make sure to have a snack in-between meal times."

If you’re not sure where to wait then simply ask a crew member. They’re always happy to help.

Next up he advised that guests go against their usual instincts in the buffet restaurant. Many of us would take the same plate back to the food to re-load out of a desire to save the crew washing up, but James says this is actually not advised.

James warned: "Don’t worry about dishes at the buffet and get a new plate, glass or mug every time you wish to top up on your food or drinks. You may think you’re doing them a favour by reducing the number of dirty dishes but it’s actually frowned upon due to sanitary purposes."

Serving spoons and tongs might scrape up against your dirty plate and are then replaced for the next person to use. That’s not a great way to keep it clean or to keep allergens away – so grab a new plate.

He also noted that the staff also might get a bit miffed if you pile your plate high and then leave most of it uneaten. Buffets are unlimited so just take what you need and head back for more if you want it.

The world’s largest cruise ship is set to sail next year in 2024. It has entire neighbourhoods full of restaurants to try.

Meanwhile, another ship is to cruise around the world to 148 countries. It will take a whopping three years to finish the cruise.

A health expert has also advised that Brits trying to avoid weight gain on holiday should avoid six items from buffet breakfasts. Thankfully, bacon isn't one of them…

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