Dodge Ryanair excess luggage fees with this ‘perfect’ bag for less than £15

Ryanair is known for its exceptionally low prices, with some one-way tickets to European destinations from as little as £26. However, one way the airline does manage to add some additional costs is by charging for luggage.

With such a small amount of free luggage permitted, it can be easy for customers to accidentally exceed their allowance and be hit with fees of as much as £50 at the airport.

As you might imagine, the key to avoiding these fees is simply to ensure your luggage meets the specific free hand luggage requirements set out by Ryanair.

All non-priority Ryanair customers are entitled to take a small personal bag, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm, which must fit under the seat in front of you. And according to customers, there’s a bag which fits these exact specifications and won’t end up breaking the bank.

This holdall from the brand Mug Ice Gravel, sold via Amazon, meets Ryanair’s small hand luggage requirements, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm. The bag can also hold up to 20L. 

The bag in question is made by the brand MIG (or Mud Ice Gravel) and is currently on sale on Amazon for £14.99. The holdall bag has been specifically designed to ensure “a hassle-free travel experience” that “meets the size requirements of most airlines”, including Ryanair.

And, to top it off, the bag comes in a number of colours to reflect your individual style. Sharing a TikTok video to her page @TiaLockey, lifestyle influencer Tia described it as “the perfect bag for Ryanair” and showed how she managed to fit it into the Ryanair sizer at the airport.

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She said: “It’s 40 x 20 x 26cm meeting the exact Ryanair carry-on requirements.” In a comment to her viewers, Tia added: “I’ve used it multiple times now and so far so good!”

Similarly, TikTok creator Kraigan Cunningham shared a video to his TikTok saying: “I have just ordered one for my holidays, I have got a couple coming up, and as a carry-on luggage they seem absolutely perfect. I should’ve got one a long time ago really, probably jumping on this a bit late.”

According to the brand behind the bag, it has a capacity of 20 litres and, of course, meets those all-important 40cm x 25cm x 20cm measurements. They add that it features strong plastic feet to protect the base of the bag, two-way zips for maximum security, an adjustable padded shoulder strap and top carry handles.

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But just how much can you actually fit in the bag? Well, in a second video, Tia shows that you can easily fit enough in for a short holiday – though notably it is best suited for lighter outfits than your bulky winter jumpers, coats and boots.

The influencer showed how she could fit five swimwear items, five lightweight outfits, four bikini coverups, a pack of card games, a pair of sunglasses, an adaptor, a portable charger, a pair of shoes, two hats, her airport regulation liquids bag, a make-up bag of non-liquid items and a beach towel. She added that even then, there was “still some space for more.”

If you’re still not convinced, other customers on Amazon have given the bag a rating of 4.7 out of five at the time of writing.

This holdall from the brand Mug Ice Gravel, sold via Amazon, meets Ryanair’s small hand luggage requirements, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm. The bag can also hold up to 20L. 


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