Dubai Is Getting a New Luxury Resort That Will Float by the Marina With See-through Floors

Cityscape of Dubai, United Arab Emirates at dusk, with skyscrapers lining coastline of the Persian Gulf.

Dubai is the land of superlatives and over-the-top everything from the world's tallest building to the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab — the world's only seven-star hotel. And now new plans have been unveiled to build the city's latest in unique accommodation options: a floating resort.

According to Lonely Planet, the Sea Palace resort is being constructed by Seagate Shipyard, an Emirati ship-building company, and will eventually float through the waters near Dubai Marina. The resort will consist of a luxury hotel surrounded by six floating houses, which can detach and set sail on their own. With architecture inspired by glass-bottom boats, the houses will feature see-through floors and furniture designed by Aston Martin. The houses are operated by automatic smart systems and include self-sterilizing air filters, solar energy panels, and garbage recycling systems. 

"I believe this type of project will create a boom in the tourism field," Mohammed El Bhawravi, the founder of Seagate Shipyard and project owner, told Lonely Planet. The houses are currently in the last stages of construction and overall, the project is about 65% complete. An exact opening date for the Sea Palace resort has yet to be released. 

Dubai reopened to tourists on July 7, requiring all international visitors to present documentation of a negative COVID-19 test, taken within four days of departure, or undergo testing at the Dubai airport.

Travelers will also have to download Dubai's COVID-19 DXB app and register their details before arrival to facilitate "easy coordination and communication with health authorities if they experience COVID-19 symptoms." 

In October, the United Arab Emirates also announced a new visa program that allows long-term travelers to live in Dubai and work remotely for overseas companies for up to a year. Applicants for this visa don't require an Emirati sponsor and if approved, remote workers on this visa can open a bank account, enroll their children in local schools, and access other benefits usually only afforded to residents. 

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