Dubai’s opulent ‘seven star’ hotel charging £80 just to have a look around it

Legendary Dubai hotel Burj Al Arab is opening up to non-guests for the first time.

However, it's not free – as the establishment is charging 399 Dirhams (£80) a pop for the pleasure.

That is a fair bit less than it costs to stay at the hotel though, as it costs £1,000 upwards a night to stay inside it.

The hotel, which sits on its own island jutting out from the city’s coast, is calling the tour “a fascinating journey of discovery into the untold stories of a global icon”.

The tour, which launched last week, includes a walk around the public areas of the hotel and the chance to take photos, as well as getting a glimpse of the £6,500-a-night Royal Suite.

You can also check memorabilia from sporting and cultural events held at the Burj, including “the decks from David Guetta’s spectacular United at Home lockdown performance earlier this year”.

The small group tour departs every 15 minutes daily from the neighbouring Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The £80 is just the base price for a walk around the property.

You can also pay extra to have afternoon tea in the tower’s, gold-columned atrium, have a glass of champagne in its outdoor, sea-view bar, or drink a “24-carat Ultimate Gold Cappuccino” – which will set you back £19 a cup.

The sail-shaped hotel opened in December 1999 to great excitement, making the headlines for calling itself a “seven-star” hotel.

Previously, only guests who had a room booked or those having dinner in one of the establishment's swanky restaurants could look around inside.

General Manager Ermanno Zanini said: “We are delighted to announce the opening of Inside Burj Al Arab, especially with all eyes on Dubai as it stages the ‘The World’s Greatest Show’ with Expo 2020.

“It is the perfect opportunity to give residents and visitors the chance to experience the wonders of this world-famous landmark first-hand.

“Providing a stunning window into the world of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the tour will appeal to those intrigued by its story, not just of the building, but of its people, creativity, and ingenuity, as well as its Emirati hospitality, Arabian opulence and world-class service. We are proud to deliver this exceptional experience to the world.”

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