Extinction Rebellion planning to blockade Dover port later this month

As climate change activists prepare to try to shut down Britain’s busiest airport on Friday 13 September, Extinction Rebellion has announced plans to blockade the UK’s leading port, Dover, eight days later.

Members of the Heathrow Pause group are planning to fly drones within the 5km exclusion zone around the airport and hope to force the closure of the airport.

A Heathrow spokesperson said the runways will remain open, saying: “We have in place dynamic risk-assessment programmes which are carried out by airfield and security experts and at no time will safety be compromised.”

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Just before Christmas 2018, around 150,000 passengers had their travel plans wrecked by someone operating a drone illegally in the airspace of Gatwick airport.

Extinction Rebellion plans to “block two of the primary exit roads at the port of Dover” on Saturday 21 September.

The group said: “The peaceful protest will call on the government to tell the truth about the threat the climate and ecological emergency poses to food security in the UK and around the world.”

Dover is the key port for sea links to Calais and Dunkirk.

On an average day, 32,300 passengers pass through the port, in 6,200 cars and more than 200 coaches.

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