Family slammed for wearing pyjamas to hotel breakfast – but people are divided

Hotel breakfasts are a key part of any holiday, but they often have strict cut-off times; and we've all had that time where you tumble out of bed, scramble to get changed and head down to grab food.

One family however recently opted for a more leisurely approach on a recent holiday, arriving at the hotel breakfast still in their pyjamas.

This left a fellow holidaymaker outraged – and they took to Mumsnet to find out if their rage was justified.

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The appalled hotel guest wrote: "A family all came down to breakfast wearing their pyjamas, looking like they had all jumped out of bed.

"It was 9am so they still had time to shower and dress before breakfast finished. Am I being unreasonable to think this is not appropriate?"

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People have been left divided over the decision, reports the Mirror. In fact, there are clear feelings on both sides as to whether this is acceptable or not.

A lot of people appeared to condemn the family for wearing their pyjamas.

"This would completely physically repulse me and I wouldn't be able to eat breakfast," one person wrote. "Not sure why I'd have such a strong reaction but it seems so manky to me."

Another added: "I think if someone did that they had not learnt proper manners It's not, in my opinion, acceptable unless you are under 3."

A third suggested that the hotel staff should have stepped in.

They wrote: "I have never seen that and I would definitely assume the staff would send them back to put clothes on. I’m guessing it’s the same type of people who do school drop-offs and supermarket shopping in pyjamas who would do it, and they generally don’t react well to criticism."

Another added: "I do feel weird when I see this. Even when it’s kids. It’s like they think the hotel is one big family home when it isn’t."

However, others were not convinced that the family had done anything wrong – in fact, one person even claimed they would love it to become a habit in hotels.

They wrote: "I think it would be great if this was a thing."

Another added: "I doubt they care what other people think of them and good for them.".

Meanwhile a third said that it wouldn't have been an issue for them. They wrote: "I couldn't care less. Perhaps they prefer to get showers after breakfast."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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