Google Maps Street View: Blonde woman accidentally exposes herself on bike ride

Google Maps introduce their new ‘Live View’ feature

Google Maps Street View photos often go viral when eagle-eyed viewers spot awkward episodes playing out. Unfortunately for the subjects of the snaps, they are rarely put in a positive light. This was certainly the case for one woman photographed.

She was caught while riding a bike.

The woman can only be seen from the back but has long blonde hair.

She is wearing a black jacket as she cycles along the road.

The woman has paired this item with what seem to be long black shorts.

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However, not all of her outfit is black.

In fact, another strong colour very much sticks out.

Under the line of her black coat a splash of red can be seen.

It looks as though her underwear has ridden up.

She seems to be wearing a red thong.

The vibrant colour stands out against the black of the rest of her ensemble.

Her trousers look to have been pulled down slightly hence why the undergarment is on display.

This is perhaps due to her position as she leans forward to hold the handlebars.

She does not appear to want to hide the red underwear.

However, as the image is simply a snapshot in time it’s hard to know exactly what went on.

Perhaps the woman was yet to realise her thong was on display.

Or, possibly, the flash of red isn’t underwear at all and is the bottom of a top sticking out beneath her jacket.

It’s hard to perfectly make it out in the slightly blurry shot.

Whichever the reality, the woman’s privacy has been preserved.

She is facing ahead so she is not recognisable.

Whether she or anyone close to her was able to spot her is a different story…

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