‘Gross’ plane passenger slammed over ‘rude’ act with bare feet during flight

There are lots of things fellow flyers can do to annoy people – from coughing to listening to music and eating smelly food are all irritating.

We can usually ignore minor annoyances – especially those people can’t help like crying babies or travel sickness.

But some behaviour crosses a serious line and breaks every rule of polite flying etiquette going – including this bloke who paraded his bare feet in the cabin.

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In a Reddit thread, someone uploaded a photo of a man in a pair on shorts on a plane.

He leaned back in his seat and had removed his shoes and socks to leave his feet bare.

The man had bent his knees – and while one leg stretched into his seat neighbour’s legroom, the other was propped up on the woman in front of him’s arm rest.

The person, who seemed to have sneakily taken the snap from across the aisle, asked fellow social media users: "Do you say something if you’re sitting there?" The post went viral racking up thousands of likes on the website.

The poster added: "This was a three hour flight and he kept those puppies up the whole time."

One commenter wrote: "All these make me never want to travel again." Another added: "My sister had someone next to her do this and literally rest their feet on her purse.

"She lost her s*** on the dude, who acted like she was just some overreacting woman.They ended up moving the dude she said."

A third said: "I think what has happened recently is that when a few people decide they're not going to honour the unspoken social contract of not being rude or gross, then everyone says ‘well screw it, I'll do what I want too’."

Some people thought the flight attendant should have called out the bloke’s behaviour.

Ramona said: "If the man puts the foot down and acts human while they are there show [the crew] the picture. Some people are raised by wolves."

But, others thought that wouldn’t help. They said: "I guarantee flight attendants walked by him multiple times and did nothing."

Thankfully, one holidaymaker noted that the crew did, in fact, mind. They said: "When a lady did this to me I pressed the flight attendant button and then kindly asked them to address it, they did, and it wasn’t a problem again."

So if in doubt, ask the flight attendants to help you out! Though, other posters shared their cheeky ways to get revenge on the man.

One wrote: "I accidentally spill my sugar-laden drink on someone’s foot if I’m sitting there." Another added: "I would accidentally pull the arm rest up, squashing his feet in the process."

Plus, a third noted: "Honestly I’d take pics with the flash on lmao. Probs not a good idea but I think they’d put those grippers away."

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