Influencers mock UK’s travel ban

British influencers in Dubai have taunted the UK’s travel ban which prevents them from returning home.

Many downed shots and lounged by the pool on Friday as strict new COVID rules came into force, with the UAE added to a “red list” of countries where travel to the UK is banned.

This means all direct flights from the country into Britain have been suspended in a bid to stop the new South African variant of the virus.

People who choose to fly home from Dubai using indirect flights will be forced to self-isolate at home for 10 days.

But the rule changes did not appear to bother the numerous models, reality stars and social media influencers already holidaying in the UAE.

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British influencers appear to be taunting the UK’s travel ban, saying it’s a “shame” they’re stuck in Dubai. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

One reality star in the UAE shared this in response to news they couldn’t get home. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Many of them have copped backlash for jetting to the sunny holiday spot during the UK’s lockdown, leaving them now stranded.

OnlyFans model Honey Evans took to Twitter to say she would not be returning before the deadline.

“Flights from Dubai to the UK are banned. Guess I have no choice but to stay out here. Shame,” she tweeted.

One model tucked into pizza by a glistening pool. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

While a TOWIE star shared snaps drinking from a fresh coconut. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Reality star Henry Simmons shared the view from his balcony overlooking a glistening pool before posting a news story about influencers being stranded, captioned: “Oh what a shame.”

TOWIE star Yazmin Oukhellou has been sharing been photos beside a plush Dubai pool that show her downing shots with friends.

She previously claimed she was flying to the country for work.

Others have been sharing photos downing shots at luxury hotel pools. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

OnlyFans star Honey Evans poked fun at the ban on Twitter, posting “Guess I have no choice but to stay out here. Shame”. Picture: TwitterSource:Twitter

Amy Willerton, a former Miss Universe contestant, and her sister Erin, also appeared happy to stay put, sharing photos enjoying pizza poolside at a Dubai hotel.

The UK’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced on Thursday the UAE had been added to the “red list” of countries subject to a travel ban.

The suspension comes into effect for all direct flights that were scheduled to arrive in the UK after 1pm Friday – leaving anyone who didn’t get back before then stranded.

Anyone returning from the UAE after that point will be ordered to self-isolate at home for 10 days.

The ban also includes all of South America, Panama, swathes of Southern Africa as well as Portugal.

Previously it was reported that reality stars who have been flaunting their “work trips” overseas have been hit where it hurts – as follower numbers dwindle.

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