Jetstar takes swipe at Byron Bay model who held up flight

Budget airline Jetstar has taken a subtle swipe at Byron Bay model and influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews, after her decision to indulge in a seafood lunch caused a flight to Sydney to be delayed.

Ms Matthews, who was slammed by her fellow passengers for holding up a Jetstar flight so she could eat oysters at a restaurant, hit out at people who abused her and her children over the debacle.

Ms Matthews, along with her fellow passengers, were told last Thursday night that the flight from Byron Bay to Sydney would be delayed due to a mechanical issue.

Passengers were told that an engineer was travelling from the Gold Coast to repair a minor issue with the plane, during which there’d be a delay of around two hours. The airline asked passengers to remain within Ballina Byron Gateway Airport for departure updates, rather than leave the terminal and miss any announcements.

Ms Matthews, however, took off to a nearby dining establishment for beachside oysters – and was heckled when she reboarded the flight later than her fellow passengers.

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Instagrammer Ruby Tuesday Matthews has hit out at the airline.Source:Instagram

Ruby Tuesday Matthews left the airport after a Jetstar flight had delays, despite the airline asking passengers not to do so.Source:No Source

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Ms Matthews says she was not the only passenger who left the airport, insisting she was not the last person to board the flight and there were others who boarded later than her.

But the airline has taken the opportunity to poke some fun at the unfolding ‘oystergate’ debacle, after the ordeal went viral on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Jetstar posted a photo of travel blogger Sarah Davidson holding an oyster with a caption about flying to Tasmania – the state which opened its borders to most of Australia this week.

The airline also said in a statement that they apologised to customers for the delay experienced last week, thanking everyone for their patience.

“We kept customers informed during this time, asking them not to leave the airport should the flight be able to get away ahead of the revised time,” the statement read.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews labelled the airline ‘s**tstar’ in a recent social media post.Source:Instagram

She said she didn’t know there was a ban on leaving the airport. Picture: Jason O’BrienSource:News Corp Australia

In video obtained by Daily Mail, Ms Matthews said she didn’t hear the announcement advising passengers to stay within the airport, claiming she thought they had two hours before the flight was set to depart.

“I had a pretty traumatic flight experience, thanks Jetstar, you never cease to amaze me,” she said in an Instagram video after arriving into Sydney.

“I’m sorry but it really was not my fault … we were told it was going to be taking off at 7.45pm, I had not eaten since my smoothie that morning because I had been in back-to-back meetings.

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Jetstar post about borders opening in Tasmania, with a cheeky swipe to the ‘oystergate’ debacle. Picture: jetstaraustralia/InstagramSource:Instagram

“I was like, ‘F**k this, I’m going to get food out of the airport. It’s two hours until our flight takes off, I’m going to go.

“I walked out, I did not hear the second announcement that apparently said, ‘Do not leave the airport.’

“I didn’t hear that, I swear to god, I wouldn’t have left the airport, I’m not a d***head. I do have respect for everyone else.”

Following her weekend in Sydney, Ms Matthews posted again on Monday morning taking aim at the airline by calling them “s**tstar”.

“Smiling because we aren’t flying S***star,” the mother-of-two said in an Instagram post outside Sydney Airport, while holding a number of designer bags.

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