Aly Raisman on Working Out in Her Living Room and How She's Inspiring Others to Go Plant-based

Aly Raisman

Navigating a plant-based lifestyle during the pandemic? Olympian Aly Raisman has you covered.

The gymnastics icon, who swears by a plant-based diet, has teamed up with Silk to spotlight its latest dairy-alternative beverage, Silk Ultra, to show how easy it is to get a major source of protein without eating meat — all while keeping up with workouts.

"I've struggled with getting enough protein and doing a plant-based diet and so it's been really awesome to have the drink," she told Travel + Leisure. "I really enjoy incorporating it into my everyday routine." 

The two-time Olympian told T+L that just like many other fitness enthusiasts in the past year, she's taken her gym routine to her living room. But fortunately for fans, the gold medalist is here to offer some fitness inspiration to those of us stuck in an at-home workout rut after so much time out of the gym.

As part of the collaboration, Raisman, 26, has compiled all of her favorite exercises for a video posted on Silk's YouTube channel to show some at-home moves that'll make anyone feel like they're training to be an Olympian.

"Some of the exercises that I did are things that I incorporated in my gymnastics training that was really, I think, crucial to my success in the sport," she said of the workout video. "I think it's awesome that Silk Ultra is allowing this to be super relatable…we didn't give a certain amount of reps because I know it's not one size fits all and I think it's important to meet yourself where you're at every single day and do whatever feels good for you in that moment."

And to entice fans to join in, Silk and Raisman are looking to give fellow fitness enthusiasts a home gym makeover with their "Silk ULTRA Upgrade" sweepstakes. To enter, all participants have to do is snap a sweaty selfie after completing the workout and upload it to the sweepstakes' website, along with a brief summary of how they strive to maintain a plant-based lifestyle. Those looking to participate have until March 7.

Participants can either do Raisman's workout or try a workout by her fellow Olympian, Michael Phelps, who has also partnered with Silk.

Winners will receive the ultimate "Upgrade" kit that consists of a 20-lb. kettlebell, two 8-lb. dumbbells, a foam roller (one of Raisman's favorite tools for recovery), and resistance bands.

And even though it's no surprise she can perfectly execute every move, Raisman admitted she's not a stranger to the struggles of trying to mimic your gym routine in smaller quarters.

"I have a puppy [and] sometimes when I try to work out in my living room he thinks that my scrunchie in my hair is like a chew toy," she told T+L. 

As for how she's been faring throughout the pandemic — puppy struggles aside — the Boston native told T+L she's taken this time to prioritize her mental health.

"I feel like [this time] really allowed me to look at myself in the mirror and really work on myself and really reflect on a lot of things," she said. "That doesn't mean it's easy, but what's been really important for me during this time is making sure I can be there for myself just like I would want a friend to be there for me." 

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