Kimpton Everly Hotel Launches a Social Experiment

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Remember the old days when a hotel guest book was just a mere book where you would sign your name?

How quaint right?

With the help of modern technology, The Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood is redefining the notion of what a guest book can be.

Hollywood sign: The Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood has just launched a unique social experiment. (photo via Unsplash/Ahmet Yalcinkaya)

The California property has launched a social experiment designed to foster human connection by asking guests who stay in Room 301 to leave a part of themselves behind in the room, whether that be pictures, creative notes or anything else a guest comes up with.

Those who stay in the room are being asked to “dig deep” to help the property create something of a living guest book.

“Our world is constantly innovating, which enables incredible things, yet we’re left craving more human connections and personal experiences. At Kimpton, we believe that commonalities exist between all people—no matter their background, where they’re from, or whether they’ve ever even met,” the hotel states in its blog about the just launched Room 301: A Social Experiment. “Through our Stay Human efforts, we’re hoping to build a greater sense of community at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.”

The property says it is excited to launch Room 301, which will be a limited time guestroom experience.

A video posted on the hotel’s blog says the goal of this unique offering is to help guests discover the connections that make us human and to that end, the video shows various guests handwriting personal notes, leaving messages on a message board in the room, taking selfies of themselves with a camera provided by the property and even recording video messages on an iPad.

Want still more reason to spend some time in this unique room? It comes with a 15 percent discount on the hotel’s nightly right and a small portion of the money you spend on the fee will be donated to The Trevor Project or No Kid Hungry.

And last but not least, the hotel throws in a welcome amenity valued at $200 (with gifts hand-selected by the hotel) for those who stay in the room. Kimpton’s Room 301 experiment will last through November 30, 2018.

Those interested in booking the room and taking part can sign up by sending an email with your name and requested dates of stay to [email protected]

Depending on availability, you’ll receive more information about what’s involved.

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