Love Island-style retreat opens for millionaires but 2 average Joes allowed too

An exclusive online marketplace dubbed 'Amazon for millionaires' is launching the world’s first Millionaire 'Love Island'.

The exclusive dating retreat will provide a luxury holiday for society's most elite, and will take part on a private Caribbean Island.

At the retreat, singletons can meet and get to know one another at a luxury resort.

However, before you're allowed there, you have to provide proof of net worth and references from ‘reputable’ figures.

Despite this, two ‘Average Joes’ will be permitted to join the island as ‘wild cards’, in the hopes to prove that love goes beyond how big your wallet is.

The exclusive dating retreat has been organised by

It will provide a luxury dating experience to those with seven figure bank accounts, in what is hoped will be an ‘upscale version of the hit reality programme’.

Those interested in taking part in the ‘Millionaire Love Island’ can apply here.

Shortlisted hopefuls will be required to go through a series of interviews analysing their personalities before they are formally invited to the island.

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Applications for the Millionaire Love Island close on the 2nd August with the hopes of the interview stages starting at the end of summer and the event taking place later this year if travel restrictions allow it.

Unlike the ITV show a cash prize will not be awarded at the end, however has confirmed they will award any successful couples full use of their concierge service and will gift the lucky couple a selection of products to help them start their lives together.

Aaron Harpin, founder, said: “Our mission at is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and experiences to suit their affluent lifestyles."

If you can't afford the retreat this summer, then why not head to French resort Cap D'Agde, which has been dubbed the 'Naked City'.

The seaside resort, which is in the South of France, is home the naturists and sex tourists who love being in the buff.

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