The Pool Cabanas at the Beverly Hills Hotel Are Iconic — and They Just Got a Hot Girl Summer Makeover

As far as icons are concerned, The Beverly Hills Hotel is at the very top of the list. So, when we hear the word “renovation” in the same sentence as the hotel, it gets us a little worried. But fear not my fellow Pink Palace fans, this restoration only makes the space shine even brighter.

In July, the hotel announced the renovation of its poolside cabanas to “preserve the hotel’s storied heritage and legendary mystique Steeped in Hollywood history.”

According to the hotel, it brought in the world-renowned interior design firm Champalimaud Design to lead the redesign of all 11 poolside retreats. The refreshed cabanas, it says, now “convey a welcoming residential feel while paying homage to the hotel’s iconic design elements.”

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Now, each cabana is infused with the candy pink color the hotel is so known for, as well as basketweave on the chairs and terrazzo on the coffee tables. The hotel also notes, the peach-pink tables in the cabanas were sourced from Bend, a local Los Angeles designer. The cabanas also come with pink and white interior striped awnings for added charm.

“What distinguishes The Beverly Hills Hotel from all others is its magical history. Through time it has been the destination of movie stars and socialites, kings and queens,” Alexandra Champalimaud, founder and president of Champalimaud Design, shared in a statement. “Vivacious and brimming with life, there is a particularly strong culture around the swimming pool and cabanas. The cabanas hold prime seats to a mesmerizing show of beautiful people wading in clusters, chatting in groups as laughter permeates the air. You sit with your family, surrounded by beauty and laughter, and you watch as the amazing show goes on.”

Need more? Don’t worry, the cabanas also come with the Martinique banana leaf wallpaper made by CW Stockwell that flows throughout the hotel as well, only this time, it’s pink rather than green.

“The pink is a new colorway, re-introduced from the company’s archives to complement the original green of the hotel’s interiors,” the hotel shared in a statement. “This is the first time the hotel has installed this iconic wallpaper since the original installation in the 1940s.”

Book a stay and experience The Beverly Hills Hotel pool and cabanas, which are open to hotel guests from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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